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PG-13Parental Guidance suggested if under 13 years of age (movie rating)
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Tobacco use depictions are now uncommon in G and PG films; however, the 43% increase in the total number of tobacco-use incidents in PG-13 movies, from 564 in 2010 to 809 in 2016, is of particular public health concern because of the established causal relationship between youths' exposure to smoking in movies and smoking initiation (1).
In 2015, 59 percent of their PG-13 movies included tobacco, the biggest share in six years.
It depends on why the movie is PG-13 and how well the viewer copes with these reasons.
PG-13 movies also are the most popular among viewers--13 of the top 25 films in release during 2012 carried that rating, including seven of the top 10.
The bill didn't pass but Scott Mendelson, writing in Forbes magazine, said the Senate discussion spooked the motion picture industry and led filmmakers to shift much of their R-rated content to movies rated PG-13.
He said that people have to wonder why we are seeing this surge in gun violence in PG-13 movies, when it isn't appearing in G, PG and R-rated films.
4 million: Rated PG-13 ''for intense sequences of violence and action and mayhem throughout.
Our study did not analyze sex or language, but our study did analyze violence, with a focus on gun violence, and found that PG-13 films actually contain significantly more gun violence than R-rated films.
TABLE 1 Descriptive Statistics G PG PG-13 R All Budget 52.
Clasificada PG-13 por imagenes intensas y perturbadoras.
Stanton Glantz studied nearly 800 flicks from the past five years and found that nearly 80 percent of movies rated PG-13, and half of G-and PG-rated films, featured tobacco use.
Perhaps more disturbing than MPAA objections to controversial material like The Rules of Attraction is its decision to give PG-13 ratings ("Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13") to positive portraits of gay relationships in such wholesome-as-milk movies as Big Eden and Bobbie's Girt.