PGABPerformance Graded Asphalt Binder (various locations)
PGABPlanned Giving Advisory Board
PGABPremium Gold Angus Beef (cattle)
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The PGAB concept was intended to be used in conjunction with asphalt concrete mixtures designed in accordance with Superpave methods.
The steps for selecting a PGAB are summarized in Figure 1.
For example, if a member of the paving industry would like to know the PGAB that has properties similar to a penetration grade 85-100 asphalt cement, refinery representatives can provide some general guidelines.
Further assistance with Superpave PGAB Selection procedures should be available through Local Technical Assistance Programs and through state departments of transportation.
We want to give consumers confidence that when they buy Angus, they get Angus," said long-time Angus breeder and PGAB founder Dwight Hartley.