PGACPropane Gas Association of Canada
PGACPotential Gunners' Acquaintance Course (RAF regiment)
PGACPlanned Giving Advisory Council
PGACPrestations Globales d'Assistance Chantier (French: Global Benefits Assistance Workshop)
PGACPeugeot GTi (Grand Touring Injection) Autosport Club (UK)
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After narrowing its choices to three vendors, PGAC decided Ontario-based Upstream Works' offerings were best aligned with its goals, and opted for two of Upstream Works' solutions, UpStart Agent Operating Environment (AOE) and UpStart Metrics.
Each call is now assigned a disposition code, which Garretson says helps PGAC understand "on a global basis what's driving our calls and where we have a lot of repeat calls.
The ratings for GAIC are reflective of its supportive capitalization and the benefits that it derives from participating in an intercompany pooling agreement with PGAC and PGACOH.