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PGADPersistent Genital Arousal Disorder (spontaneous arousal syndrome)
PGADPost Gateway Answer Delay (New Global)
PGADPermission Granted to Add Destination (intellectual property)
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The figure 17 presents a comparison between the error correcting performances of AutDAG and those of the PGAD algorithm[12] for the BCH (63, 30) code with 500 generations (z=376, Ng=500, Ni=600).
It gives also the complexities of Maini algorithm, OSD, Chase-2, SDGA, Chana algorithm, DDGA, PGAD.
Complexity of some decoding algorithms Decoding algorithm Type of binary block code PGAD Linear AutDAG Cyclic Linear and not cyclic Systematic Maini algorithm Cyclic or linear DDGA Cyclic or linear SDGA Cyclic or linear Chase2-HD Binary block code Chana algorithm Cyclic OSD of order m Cyclic or linear Decoding algorithm Temporal complexity PGAD O(n.
The working definition of PGAD (1,2) is as follows:
3) We report a case of PGAD in a male and aim to analyse the cause.
The clinical features in this man were consistent with the definition of PGAD.