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PGEPortland General Electric
PGEPacific Gas and Electric Company
PGEProstaglandin E
PGEPlatinum Group Elements
PGEParti de la Gauche Européenne (French: European Left Party; political party)
PGEPhenyl Glycidyl Ether
PGEPacific Great Eastern (Railroad)
PGEPolyglycerol Esters
PGEPerfect Girl Evolution (anime)
PGEPropylene Glycol Ether
PGEParasitic Gastro-Enteritis
PGEProduct Generation Executive
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Total quantity or scope: Task / Part 1 - Supply of 110 kV circuit breakers for the needs of PGE Distribution SA
As part of this process, current PGE common stock would be cancelled and new common stock would be issued.
The first part, dealing with sulphide-associated PGE occurrences in layered stratiform intrusions, begins with an overview of the geology of the Muskox intrusion and its PGE concentrations, followed by descriptions of the geology, geophysics and PGE discoveries of the Fox River sill and the Mechanic intrusion in New Brunswick.
Officials with Fort Knox say they believe all of the properties have potential for significant copper, nickel and PGE resources.
Today's announcement kicks off a 10-month process designed to examine all PGE costs.
5 billion has been earmarked for the extension and modernisation of PGE s electricity distribution networks in Central and Eastern Poland.
Working closely with Green Mountain Energy Company's staff during the first contract period, PGE increased its renewable customers by 500 percent in a little over a year and the number continues to grow now surpassing 22,000.
The RFP was conducted pursuant to competitive bidding guidelines established by the OPUC, using objective scoring criteria intended to identify projects that will provide the best balance of cost and risk while meeting PGE customers' needs for reliable, affordable electric power.
Reschke could salvage something from Primestone's stake in PGE in one of two ways: (1) by dragging out the Primestone litigation until PGE stock somehow recovers to over $12.
PGE plans to bring these resources into its portfolio in the 2013-2017 timeframe.
PGE is the electric provider to more than 700,000 electric customers in the Portland-Salem, Ore.
At the end of 2010, PGE had nearly 78,000 business and residential renewable customers, or 12.