PGZPeripheral Growth Zone
PGZPokemon Gameboy Zone (gaming)
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The company said the agreement has the potential to extend Lockheed Martin's involvement with Polish industry to include PGZ companies in the development and test of armament solutions for international Black Hawk helicopters and the supply of components and assemblies for aircraft and other products manufactured by Sikorsky and PZL Mielec.
The plasma glucose lowering activity of PAG at l00mg/kg was almost comparable to that of PGZ, which was administrated to DIO mice at 2.
In PGZ, Heidegger speaks of "Unzuhandenheit" at [sections] 23, p.
At PGZ we have leaders and we put them on, we will develop those competences in which the Polish defense industry is successful, it is professional.
For the voltammertric and electrochemical impedance studies, a PGZ 100 potentiostat computer controlled with a software application master Voltalab 4.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 13, 2016-Sikorsky, PZL Mielec, PGZ ink new agreement for Black Hawk co-operation