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PH1Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1
PH1Photographer's Mate First Class (Naval Rating)
Ph1Pasteurella Haemolytica A1
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Part B is a randomized (3:1 drug:placebo), single-blind, placebo-controlled study in patients with PH1.
Offering more than 26,000 square feet of colocation space, the PH1 facility supplies a full range of premium colocation, interconnection and support services to a wide range of secure digital ecosystems.
1B), PH1 and Kimtuyen were grouped in the same cluster showing an opposite result to the morphological analysis (PH1 and Kimtuyen were out grouped).
html) Daily Mail , the view from PH1 would show a double sunset with two extremely bright stars far off in the night sky.
One patient had PH1, confirmed by detection of a G1y170Arg mutation on the so-called minor allele of the AGXT gene.
PH2 through PH7 were developed using the same breeding scheme as PH1, except for the use of different wild species for each germplasm.
Recalibration of the original PH1 probe head meant taking the part off the table, putting the master on, calibrating the probe, then putting the part back on.
The Phase 1/2 trial will be conducted initially in normal healthy volunteers, and, then, in patients with PH1.
The application relates to the following premises: 15 South Methven Street, Perth, PH1 5PE The application has been made to Perth & Kinross Licensing Board.
Import of electric spare parts required for the rehabilitation of the PH1 French made metro trains operating on the Cairo Metro first line .
The minor AGXT allele has a frequency of 15%-20% in European and North American populations (6) but a much higher frequency, ~50%, among PH1 patients (7).