PHAAProvincial Health Authorities of Alberta (employer bargaining group; Canada)
PHAAPaint Horse Association of Australia (New South Wales, Australia)
PHAAPresident to Hold Another Office Act (Paksitan)
PHAAPleasant Hill Adventist Academy (Pleasant Hill, California)
PHAAPencader Heritage Area Association (Newark, Delaware)
PHAAPritikin Health Association of Australia
PHAAAirman Apprentice, Photographer's Mate Striker (Naval Rating)
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Michael Moore, the Chief Executive of PHAA says that the laws have been working smoking in Australia is falling in adults, in children and by tobacco volume sales.
Clive Rosewarne from PHAA said the winner of the September election in the territory could use powers under the Mineral Titles Act for force the surrender of the exploration licence.
PHAA has recommended to the NSW government that it consider alternatives to the current design, including relocation of emission stacks to non-residential areas and incorporation of a well-designed filtration system.
PHAA 43rd Annual Conference 15-17 September Perth www.
PHAA 2nd National Sexual and Reproductive Health Conference 8-19 November Melbourne http://phaa.