PHAKPilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (Federal Aviation Administration)
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The PHAK defines risk "as the future effect of a hazard which is not controlled or eliminated.
As the PHAK also states, "Good decisions result when pilots gather all available information, review it, analyze the options, rate the options, select a course of action and evaluate that course of action for correctness.
The PHAK, again: "[A]s the aircraft is slowed, the decreasing velocity requires increasing the AoA to maintain lift sufficient to maintain flight.
Additionally, and also according to the PHAK, a "false horizon can occur when the natural horizon is obscured or not readily apparent.
When considering a normally aspirated piston-powered airplane versus an identical model with turbocharging, the results are predictable: Says the PHAK, an "advantage.
The PHAK continues: "Fuel should be drained from the fuel strainer quick drain and from each fuel tank sump into a transparent container, and then checked for dirt and water.