PHBAPalomino Horse Breeders of America
PHBAP-Hydroxybenzoic Acid
PHBAPeninsula Housing and Builders Association
PHBAPleasant Hill Baseball Association (California)
PHBAPennsylvania Horse Breeders Association
PHBAPeninsula Home Builders Association
PHBAPasadena Hispanic Business Association
PHBAPremier HealthLink Benefits Association
PHBAPublic Health and Business Administration
PHBAPayroll History by Account
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The decrease in spherulitic growth rate for PEO containing PHBA and PNP is also significant, but these effects are less pronounced when compared with HYD and RES.
Addition of HYD, RES, PHBA, and PNP results in a shift of the Lorentz-corrected SAXS Bragg peak to lower q, indicates an increase in the average lamellar repeat spacing (Fig.
The DFT binding energies are lowest for PNP, then PHBA and are similar for RES and HYD.