PHBSPingat Hassanal Bolkiah Sultan (Malay: Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Medal; Brunei)
PHBSParent Health Belief Scale
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The DSNB was awarded in 1972 and, as at August 1973, he also held the DSLJ SNB POAS and PHBS.
PHBS Pingat Hassanal Bolkiah Sultan / Coronation Medal (1968).
DSLJ 1967, SPMB 1968, PJK 1968, PHBS 1969, Pingat Puspa 1970, PKL 1974, PSLJ 1976, PBLI 2008; honorary doctorate, UBD, 28 September 1996; Tokoh Jasawan Ugama NBD, 1997 (according to PB R.
22) He also holds several datoships (DK, DSLJ, and DPMB) and various other medals (POAS PHBS PJK PJP PP PBLI).
Created YAM Pengiran Lela Negara on 19 April 1979; also awarded the DSLJ SMB PHBS and PKL.
PHBS Pingat Hassanal Bolkiah Sultan / Coronation Medal (1968) PJK Pingat Jasa Kebaktian / Loyal Service Medal.
He amassed an impressive collection of medals: DSNB DSLJ CBE JMN PHBS KPM CPM PJK.
PHBS Pingat Hassanal Bolkiah Sultan/Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (Coronation) Medal (est.
Another of the lesser ceteria, Pengiran Jaya Perkasa Pengiran Anak Haji Mohamed Hassan bin Pengiran Sabtu Kemaluddin DSLJ SNB PHBS PJK, died on the evening of 8 October 2004 at the age of eighty-three (RTB, cited in BBO Sa.