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PHCAPennsylvania Health Care Association
PHCAPreventive Health Care Application
PHCAPolish Hill Civic Association
PHCAPimmit Hills Citizens Association (Fairfax County, Virginia)
PHCAPlaza Heights Christian Academy (Blue Springs, Missouri)
PHCAPrimrose Hill Community Association (UK)
PHCAPharmaceutical and Health Care Association of the Philippines
PHCAPort Hueneme, CA, USA
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First, we concentrate on the PHCA passing under the fused tendons of the teres major (musculus teres major, TM) and the latissimus dorsi (musculus latissimus dorsi, LD).
Adachi described and classified four different groups of PHCA passing under the tendons and designated them as types D, E, F, and G in his larger concept of the branching pattern.
The PHCA employer mandate requires all Hawaiian employers to
Along with benefit requirements, the PHCA also imposes cost
Unique among the 50 states, PHCA mandates employer coverage for employees working 20 or more hours a week for four consecutive weeks.
The bad news is that Hawaii's small businesses rank high among the employed uninsured under PHCA, which was enacted in 1974 and reflects Hawaii's plantation-era economy of greater employment by large companies.
Fortunately, our congressional delegation fought for and finally obtained an exemption from ERISA for the PHCA in 1982.
PHCA is 13 pages long and SHIP only three pages in the Hawaii Revised Statutes.
The PHCA sets the rules for all plans, and no plan can go beneath the bar.
PHCA is a statewide membership services organization representing approximately 300 long-term care and senior service providers throughout the Commonwealth.
Thirty years after the PHCA was passed, Hawaii remains the only state in the nation to mandate employer-based insurance.
Bette Tatum, Hawaii state director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, says the PHCA needs to be changed, since the state Legislature can add mandated benefits, such as in vitro fertilization.