PHDIPalmer Hydrological Drought Index
PHDIParisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia
PHDIPhysical Health Domain Index
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The percent area of the CONUS experiencing record dry PHDI is shown in Table 1.
The PHDI for a climate division becomes more negative as dry conditions continue and becomes less negative during wet weather.
The differences in mean percent area with PHDI [less than or equal to] -2.
bottom) Difference in frequency distribution of PHDI for the three major drought episodes: 1998-2014 minus 1949-57 (blue triangles), 1998-2014 minus 1928-42 (red circles), and 1949-57 minus 1928-42 (black squares).
Spatial pattern of occurrence of record dry PHDI, by decade or drought period.
Whereas the provincial chapter of PHDI favoured the latter solution, many Hindu priests represented by Peruman Pedanda NTB wanted the ritual to be carried out as originally planned.
This is reflected in the strong correlation with the PHDI (Fig.
The magnitude of juvenile spat index for each of the 4 identified groups of oyster bars were correlated over time and to the PHDI for the Susquehanna River watershed (Tables 3 and 6).
The 3-month CSI and monthly salinity values for Hadley Landing and the SPI (3 months) and PHDI for the period May 1986-Jun 2014.
Standardized streamflow Monthly CSI SPI PHDI index salinity CSI 1.