PHIGPublic Health Interest Group (various locations)
PHIGPublic Health Informatics Group (University of Washington; Seattle, WA)
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Since PHIG was formed, the group has been to parliament twice to outline the problems they face, according to Fields but nothing has come of it.
The company has been in business for over 20 years and offers significant experience in graphics API's including Open Inventor, OpenGL(R), PHIGS and GKS as well as application development based on these API's.
2nd Annual PHIGS Users Group Conference San Diego, Calif.
The acceptance and use of standards such as PHiGS and PEX in more environments and applications is changing the very look of UIs from flat, 2D representations to a multidimensional replica of more complex physical metaphors.
If the user types & PHIGS after the icon, all documents with Read-it notes containing the word PHIGS will be located.
And that idea went into the CORE, GKS, and PHIGS standard graphics packages and now into PHIGS+, the latest graphics package specified by and ad hoc standards group in 1987, almost two decades later.