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PHILCOPhiladelphia Battery Company
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6) Unbeknownst to RCA, however, Philco engineers had achieved an even more dramatic breakthrough in screen image quality--a 441-line picture definition.
After Sunday school, I would race home and find him before his Philco.
In a statement released on Thursday, Trustco said it had, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Trustco Property Holdings, signed a sale of shares agreement with Philco Twenty Two (Pty) Ltd for the entire shareholding in Elisenheim Property Development Company.
After serving as a radar technician for the US Navy, he did undergraduate work in chemistry and completed an MA and a PhD in physics at the University of Pennsylvania while working as a research engineer at Philco and publishing papers in professional journals on his work on optics.
Antiques, collectibles, furniture, lamps, and a 1960s Philco stereo that was actually playing music.
The idea was patented in the US 60 years ago and sold to battery storage company Philco for 15,000 dollars, a figure that today would be worth 130,000 dollars, the report said.
Electrolux's licenses include small appliances under the Frigidaire, AEG and Philco names; and kitchen utensils, cutlery, bed linens and glassware under the Arthur Martin, Zanussi, Parkinson Cowan and Zoppas labels.
The "little Philco battery radio" that first brought professional country music into the family farmhouse arrived there more than 70 years ago, he says.
But, having outlived both Philco and all of the people involved, I am finally able to provide the most complete version of the story to date.
International Resource News-February 3, 2011--San Miguel Corp in talks with Philco Aero Group(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Almoayyed's strength lies in the dependable, famous brands that it has been associated with for more than 70 years - brands such as Toshiba, White Westinghouse, Philco, GlemGas, Kenwood, Hitachi, Indesit and WestPoint.
Davidson's offers a photo of The Philco "Continental" Predicta, an iconic, stylized mid-century television floating Jetson-like in a cosmos of fathomless black.