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PHILIPPhilippians (New Testament)
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Never mind, Philip, you won't be a naughty boy next Sunday, will you, and then your uncle will take you to church with him in the evening.
Shall you and I read the service together, Philip, and we'll sing the hymns at the harmonium.
Pretty well; I don't care much about it," said Philip.
Yes," said Philip, coloring deeply; "don't you love yours?
Oh yes--I only wanted to know," said Tom, rather ashamed of himself, now he saw Philip coloring and looking uncomfortable.
Yes," said Philip, who had left off using his pencil, and was resting his head on one hand, while Tom was learning forward on both elbows, and looking with increasing admiration at the dog and the donkey.
It's part of the education of a gentleman," said Philip.
He learned it when he was a boy, of course," said Philip.
Oh, I don't mind," said Philip, unable to choke a laugh; "I can remember things easily.
No, I should think not, very likely not," said Philip.
Philip winced under this allusion to his unfitness for active sports, and he answered almost peevishly,--
Happily for the harmony of this first interview, they were now called to dinner, and Philip was not allowed to develop farther his unsound views on the subject of fishing.