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bahamense was observed at temperatures up to 34[degrees]C (range: 24-34[degrees]C), higher than what has been reported for other populations in Puerto Rico (combined range: 22-32[degrees]C; Seixas, 1983, 1988; Walker, 1997; Soler-Figueroa, 2006) and Florida (combined range: 12-31[degrees]C; Phlips et al.
Blooms of Dactyliosolen, Odontella, Chaetoceros, and Rhizosolenia for example, were observed in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, USA (Badylak & Phlips 2004).
En Phlips (1998) se le define como un conjunto de practicas concertadas basadas en concordancia de deseos, sin acuerdos explicitos o comunicacion entre participantes.
This idea is not new; it underlies many existing treatments of price discrimination (see, for example, Phlips 1983; Tirole 1988).
A large amount of research has evolved in this area, well surveyed by Phlips (1988), Laffont (1989), and others.
8) For further information on gamma rays generated by uranium, as well as shielding and detection of uranium, see Bernard Phlips et al.
Similar arguments are presented in Phlips (1983), Tirole (1988), and Wilson (1993).
For a detailed discussion of similar quality choice problems of consumers see Phlips [1983], and Gabszewicz and Thisse [1979].
Both arise from the fact that the studies are, with the exception of Phlips (1978), based on static, one-period views of consumer decision making.
Competent empirical work in this area was done initially by Houthakker and Taylor |14~ with subsequent studies by Manser |16~, Phlips |18; 19~, Pollak and Wales |24~, Anderson and Blundell |2~ and Blanciforti and Green |8~.
37) Phlips & Thisse offer one background discussion of vertical and horizontal differentiation.
Fortunately, as Phlips points out, despite the wide variety of specific forms these price structures may take, the basic analytic properties exhibited are independent of the particular form assumed.