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PHLXPhiladelphia Stock Exchange
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According to the company, NASDAQ OMX PHLX has selected Cisco's Data Center Business Advantage portfolio as the infrastructure for its options trading exchange and its evolving data centre architecture.
The PHLX relied previously on hand-coded custom data integration routines, which were costly and time-consuming to write, manage and change.
The NASDAQ OMX PHLX exchange, previously the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, is one of the largest options trading venues in North America.
With Orc's connectivity offering to the PHLX, Gelber is now able to quote more efficiently on the exchange, the firm said.
In addition, the PHLX is planning to move to a data warehouse implementation for some of its surveillance systems with Informatica PowerCenter as part of that architecture.
With electronic files captured and stored in TeamTrack, PHLX has eliminated paper and storage fees resulting in significant cost savings.
The PHLX IRON Network provides multiple access options with fast and reliable data flow for maximum performance, geographic diversity and access to all of the PHLX's services from a single connection.
The PHLX will use IBM's WebSphere portal as the interface and access point for Cognos 8 BI.
OES is also providing the PHLX with other services, including sponsoring an agency broker-dealer that accesses all trading centers on a sponsoring agent basis.
listed options exchanges and is a member of the CBOE, ISE, AMEX, BOX, PHLX and NYSE Arca.
The PHLX trades 1,943 stocks, 2,231 equity options, 19 sectors index options, and currency options and futures.
OES), announced today they have reached an agreement in principle to develop an outbound routing service as an essential part of the new PHLX electronic equities market structure that is expected to be launched by or in the third quarter of this year.