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PHOPhoenix, Arizona
PHOPhysician-Hospital Organization
PHOPrimary Health Organisation (New Zealand)
PHOPhone List (File Name Extension)
PhoPyrococcus horikoshii
PHOPublic Health Officer
PHOPolish Humanitarian Organisation
PHOPartially Hydrogenated Oil
PHOPotentially Hazardous Object (astrophysics)
PHOPoint Hope, AK, USA - Point Hope (Airport Code)
PHOPersonal Holiday
PHOPhysicians Health Organization
PHOProgram on Health Outcomes (University of North Carolina)
PHOPseudo-Harmonic Oscillator
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E Pollacco A, BUS, DRA; J Preston ASC Dbl, PE bt; K Prosser PY, HS bt; T Ralph BUS bt dbl, IT bt; G Robson PHO, P, PY; J Rohla; T Rollins IT, ASC, BUS bt dbl; O Rutson BUS bt dbl, IT bt; H Sajid B, BUS, C; H Scott-Peters ME, ASC, BUS bt; A Shaw BUS bt dbl, IT bt, PE bt; A Smith A, B, PE; C Speak ASC Dbl, PE bt; M Stapley ASC Dbl, PE bt.
Conference Focus: Benefits of the PHO model in tackling challenges of payment reform; how PHOs are being used nationally to facilitate participation in CMS's Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), bundled payments, narrow networks, and direct contracts; and best practices for integrating the PHO model into existing healthcare organizations.
The St Vincent's Health Partners PHO aligns physician and hospital efforts through active coordination of care and data sharing.
PHO works very closely with the Chief Medical Officer of Health and staff of the Public Health Division in MOHLTC.
Funding formulae, governance issues and internal PHO relationships have also been stumbling blocks.
Understandably, physicians and hospitals may be reluctant to dismantle a PHO or MSO in which they have invested considerable resources.
Not only do the physicians and hospitals have equal representation within the individual hospital PHOs and the de facto super-PHO, there is also equal representation on the part of primary care and specialist physicians in Columbia's North Texas PHOs.
The first chapter, "Introduction to PHOs," defines the PHO concept and describes its benefits, drawbacks, and legal implications.
In the present study, the physical properties of PHO produced in a fed batch type biosynthesis were evaluated.
Contract notice: Medications needs for PHO UC for radiotherapy and oncology.
In response to customer inquiries regarding encapsulated products containing PHO's, TLC Ingredients has worked with IFP, Incorporated, to offer an encapsulated citric acid and salts that contains no PHO.