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PHOPhoenix, Arizona
PHOPhysician-Hospital Organization
PHOPrimary Health Organisation (New Zealand)
PHOPhone List (File Name Extension)
PhoPyrococcus horikoshii
PHOPublic Health Officer
PHOPolish Humanitarian Organisation
PHOPartially Hydrogenated Oil
PHOPotentially Hazardous Object (astrophysics)
PHOPoint Hope, AK, USA - Point Hope (Airport Code)
PHOPersonal Holiday
PHOPhysicians Health Organization
PHOProgram on Health Outcomes (University of North Carolina)
PHOPseudo-Harmonic Oscillator
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Last year, NZNO negotiated its first-ever collective agreement (CA) with staff employed by a PHO, at the Central PHO based in Palmerston North.
Establishing a national PHO at the MoH could 1) complement the existing observatory functions in the RHAs, and the work of WHO's Evidence-Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) (19) for the Americas, including Trinidad and Tobago, and 2) strengthen the work of Trinidad and Tobago's MoH Policy Unit.
H Stott B, HS bt, PE bt; P Sunter B, T, ASC; M Swann ASC, BUS bt dbl; N Sykes B, C, P; A Tahroon E, PY, SOC; A Tariq LW, BUS bt dbl; J Thompson A, RM, IT bt; P Thornley PHO, B, C, HS bt dbl; L Thornton C, E, EL; C Todd PE, PY, PE bt; J Watson B, MA, PY; K Watson PHO, HS bt; S Wharvell C, IT, MA; J Whitehead BUS bt dbl, IT bt.
The PHO did lose favor for a time as providers chose to function independently to generate revenue.
In a short period of time, PHO has grown to be an integral part of the public health system in Ontario and is starting to make contributions nationally and internationally.
Para PVA, las lineas P7 y P8, fueron las mas sobresalientes, mientras que para PHO, solamente P8, resulto ser la mas sobresaliente estadisticamente.
The establishment of PHOs has, at least in principle, engaged many Maori health providers with mainstream primary health providers, since in order for the latter to meet some of the criteria for becoming a PHO they have had to develop strategic relationships with their local Maori health providers.
Talks between the two groups broke down at the end of October when the PHO wanted four more changes to a contract that the networks had said was their best and final offer.
A common PHO weakness is revealed in the phrase "typically initiated by a hospital.
We looked to the industry to see if there was a PHO somewhere in this country that is doing what we want to do structurally," said Nick Cleary, chief operating officer and chief information officer for Columbia Provider Services, North Texas Division.
A PHO is a vehicle that enables hospitals and physicians to work cooperatively to accomplish various mutually desirable goals (e.