PHOENICSParabolic Hyperbolic Or Elliptic Numerical Integrated Code Series (fluid dynamics software from CHAM, Wimbledon, UK)
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Use of PHOENICS for solving one dimensional mine pollution problems.
The PHOENICS Journal: Computational Fluid Dynamics and its Applications.
In the present research, PHOENICS that is a computational fluid dynamic (CFD) cod was used.
The PHOENICS On-Line Information System, http://www.
In the PHOENICS VR interface, dialogue boxes enable users to choose and alter material properties, models, and boundary and initial conditions, and to enter any other information applicable to the problem.
New advances have resulted in two models of turbulence, both of which can be activated by PHOENICS.
The Immersol model that CHAM has developed and incorporated into PHOENICS simultaneously handles radiation between solid surfaces, heat conduction within those solids, and convective and radiative interactions with the surrounding fluids.
PHOENICS has generated results that include the influence of a crosswind (neglected in some earlier studies) on the distribution of combustible gas within a module of the platform.
We designed the VR front-end to make it easier for non-skilled users to create models," said Ronald Linton, president of the PHOENICS North America subsidiary CHAM.
PHOENICS programa modeliuojama fizikinius desnius isreiskus matematinemis lygtimis.
Visos diferencialiniu lygciu sistemos, kurios diskretizuotaja versija sprendzia PHOENICS, apibendrintoji forma yra tokia (Rosten, Spalding 1987; Baltrenas et al.
Tersalu sklaida tiriant pagal PHOENICS modeliavimo programa, sis atstumas gautas 150 m nuo kamino.