PHT1Peptide Histidine Transporter 1 (protein)
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A character scored as FL1 or PHT1 corresponded to one-quarter of the collection where landraces have the smallest reaction to the daylength variation and were classified as photoperiod-insensitive.
Quartiles established Flowering Plant height Ranges (FL = FLK - FLR (PHT = PHTK - PHTR ([dagger]) ([double dagger])) ([sections])) d cm Min-Q1 [-58, 4] [-170, 65] [equivalent] [equivalent] FL1 PHT1 Q1-Q2 [4, 23] [65, 130] [equivalent] [equivalent] FL2 PHT2 Q2-Q3 [23, 43] [130, 180] [equivalent] [equivalent] FL3 PHT3 Q3-max [43, 139] [180, 425] [equivalent] [equivalent] FL4 PHT4
Conversely, a higher frequency of accessions from the LR-3 and LR-4 belonged to FL1 and PHT1, where 25% of the total collection was photoperiod-insensitive.