PHUPipe Hitter's Union (est. 2004)
PHUPublic Health Unit
PHUProduct Holding Unit (Duke Manufacturing)
PHUPhone Hook-Up
PHUProtective Housing Unit (prisons)
PHUPeripheral Health Unit (Sierra Leone)
PHUPebble Hills University (France and Hong Kong)
PHUPopulation Health Unit (Department of Health; Australia)
PHUPortfolio & Housing Unit (Australia)
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Among six PHUs that provided ED visit data, respiratory visit data alerted for large PHU 3 six days before the laboratory alert, and total visits alerted for small PHU 3 one month after the laboratory (data not shown).
Locally, only large PHU 5 had a respiratory alert during peak A(H1N1)pdm09 activity (occurring four days before the PHU's laboratory alert), whereas no fever/ILI alerts were detected during this time.
Locally, two large and one small PHU had antiviral alerts which preceded their laboratory alerts by 5-6 days, while the remaining PHU-level alerts occurred after (Figure 2b).
Large PHU 7 alerted on September 7 (36 days before the laboratory alert) while all other alerts were 4-25 days after the laboratory in October.
Procedure counts by service type and plan, stratified by PHU.
PHU A recruited eight cases, PHU B recruited 25 cases, PHU C recruited 24 cases, and PHU D recruited 14 cases.
Despite the small number of cases for each PHU (especially PHU A), a comparison of total RVUs for Plan A and Plan B, stratified by PHU, resulted in no statistically significant differences within PHUs (Table II).
Analyses of Procedure Count and RVU by service type and plan, stratified by PHU
Those NPs who did not feel that they practiced to their full scope identified restrictions often related to the parameters of their program, which were influenced by Mandatory Health Program Service Guidelines (MHPSG) and the funding that the PHU program received from the provincial government.
7% reported that they intended to work five years or more in their PHU.
There were no statistically significant relationships between NP job satisfaction, years they intended to work in the PHU (r = -0.
It is possible that some PHU NPs feel overwhelmed by the clinical demands of their role given their solitary work environment and isolation from other PHU staff.