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PHVProsthetic Heart Valve (cardiology)
PHVPharmacovigilance (medical side effects)
PHVProtocol Handler for Voice
PHVPlug-in Hybrid Vehicle
PHVPublic Health Veterinarian
PHVPrivate Hire Vehicle
PHVPro Hac Vice (Latin: for one occasion; an exception made to a lawyer working out of jurisdiction)
PHVPeptide Histidine Valine
PHVPeak Height Velocity
PHVPermanent Humanitarian Visa (various locations)
PHVPatrick Henry Village (US Army; Germany)
PHVPeak Hour Volume (traffic & transportation engineering)
PHVParalyzed Hoosier Veterans (Indiana)
PHVProtocol Handler (CDMA voice)
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The LGA has also commissioned the development of a national register of taxi and PHV licences which have been refused or revoked so councils can check new applicants against the database and update with their own information.
The solar charging system is available as an option on the second generation Prius PHV [4].
Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi's research and design chief, who confirmed the PHVs.
However, there are no reported studies on strength-training responses in adolescents where PHV was considered or measured with adequate controls.
Verifications and rules that gauge the performance of a PHV differ from region to region, but in Japan, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid has a cruising range in EV mode of approximately 23 km with a fully charged battery, and an average PHV fuel efficiency of 57km/L and CO2 emissions1 of 41 g/km under specified driving conditions combining driving performance both as an EV and as a HV.
Controls had significantly greater unadjusted height velocity than dancers one year before PHV; however, there was no difference between groups in age of attainment of PHV.
Pairwise nucleotide and amino acid sequence analysis of the full-length M segments of Cao Bang virus and other hantaviruses * Hantavirus CBNV HTNV SEOV SOOV DOBV PUUV PHV CBNV TC-3 -- 62.
Around 50 hackney and private vehicle drivers have signed up for the first ever Transporting Passengers by Taxi or PHV course.
Look at what happened with the I-RE-VIVE PHV implantation protocol in Rouen, France, which was recruiting patients aged 70 and older who had been turned down for surgery.
The major battle ground for the development of eco-friendly vehicles is shifting to PHV from HEV, each company launching Plug-in Hybrid models one after another.
The star attraction from Toyota will be the unveiling of the Japanese version of the new model Prius PHV.