PHWAProfessional Hockey Writers' Association
PHWAPsychologically Healthy Workplace Award (American Psychological Association)
PHWAProfessional Hmong Women Association (Saint Paul, MN)
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This recognition dates back to 2001, when Anderson and Associates, located in Blacksburg, was Virginia's first recipient of the PHWA.
Potable drinking water: After groundwater is treated in the desalter, it will be placed in the potable drinking water system and used by Oxnard and PHWA customers.
A point of consensus among the participants was that PHWA should balance use of the higher water quality provided by the State Water Project with the water supply reliability provided by local groundwater," says Velthoen.
Because desalination of brackish water sources is a relatively new approach in southern California, water agencies like PHWA are faced with a variety of desalination technologies that have no demonstrated record of performance and cost-effectiveness.
In preparing the bidding documents, PHWA sought a balance between long-term performance characteristics and low cost.
By leasing its state water entitlement to MWD, PHWA reduced the capital cost by $6.