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NEC Electronics plans to announce the first product in its industrial Ethernet PHY family in March 2010, with mass production expected to start in the third quarter of 2010.
The 150-minute weekly requirement still stands, but must be met in at least 30-minute periods that take the form of phys ed class, supervised recess, and/ or any other in-class or out-of-class physical activities reviewed by a certified phys ed instructor.
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That's why Lawler, coordinator of physical education for schools in Naperville, Illinois, wants to revolutionize the way phys ed is taught.
This low-cost upgrade is achievable simply by replacing existing PHYs with Vitesse's SynchroPHY devices, with minimal or no other changes to the rest of the system.
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The new PHYs will offer the best-in-class high-speed industrial connectivity and advanced cable diagnostics, and are optimized for existing industrial Ethernet protocols used in industrial automation products.
FEC is likely to be useful when 11 Gb/s PHYs are used in backplane applications and when future, higher speed PHYs are employed.
3cc 25 Gb/s over Single-Mode Fiber Task Force will develop new 10 km and 40 km PHYs over single-mode fiber for 25 Gb/s Ethernet.