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PIAFPortail International Archivistique Francophone (French)
PIAFPerth International Arts Festival (Australia)
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PIAFPacific Islands Aids Foundation (Rarotonga, Cook Islands)
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PIAFPour une Information Alternative, Forcément (Paris, France)
PIAFPolicy Internships and Fellowships Program
PIAFParallel Interactive Analysis Facility
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PIAFPortland Indy Animation Festival (Portland, Oregon)
PIAFPrototype Image Applications Fast
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PIAFPrivate Investigators Association of Florida
PIAFSmall Parameters in hard problems: Design, analysis, Implementation and Application of Fixed-paramater alogorithms
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Vik made an exploratory foray into the genre four years ago with a show of Piaf and Jacques Brel's music.
Eve Loiseau plays Piaf, a woman whom she developed a passion for at a young age, around the dining table in South East France.
Tussar silk saris and fancy clutches competed with evening dresses and high heels as Mentha, her pleated skirt gently flowing and her red scarf resting firmly around her throat, flitted between the roles of a loud gangster, a prostitute in love, and somewhere in between, Piaf herself.
Jenny Strawson was made for the role of Edith - her stunning voice adapts itself perfectly to suit the warbling French ballads Piaf was renowned for.
Piaf has been given good service by Burke, the latest of many biographers but one of only a few writing in English and, more important, that rarity among Piaf biographers, one more interested in the truth than the legend.
Edith Piaf was a diva who, when she wanted something, got it.
While you might not be drawn back to this album over and over again, it will probably make you seek out some classic Piaf.
Nathalie Lhermitte (from 'Starmania' and 'Oliver Twist') sings the timeless classics as well as the lesser known songs of Piaf, accompanied by Aurelien Noel on the accordion.
Piaf died aged 47, looking like she was 74, so it is even more remarkable that she is played so well by 32-year-old Cotillard.
THE STORY: A lush biopic of French singer Edith Piaf which traces her complex younger life and later passions for drugs and affairs.
So don't think of this review about an Edith Piaf biopic as a repeat.