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PIAMPhysical Identity & Access Management (software)
PIAMPersatuan Insuran Am Malaysia (General Insurance Association of Malaysia)
PIAMPhysicians Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
PIAMPrivate Investigators Alliance of Maryland
PIAMParental Internet Access Modules
PIAMPhysically Impaired Association of Michigan
PIAMProfessional in Insurance Account Management
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Portanto, este estudo objetivou avaliar a presenca e os fatores associados a quadros de PIAM entre trabalhadores de uma empresa de lavagem e tratamento automotivo.
Piam reflects the oral life of stories and literally means "so they said.
Physical identification, authentication, and access management are the major processes of PIAM solutions.
The PIAM, LIAM and MTA will each be represented by three nominees on the JITC.
Earnings absent pension manipulation are constructed using pretax income adjusted for the change in pension expense and is called PIAM.
Ouve-se a noite, em torno, um clamor lamentoso, Piam aves de agouro, estruge a ventania, E brilhando no chao por sobre a relva fria, Correm chamas sutis de um fulgor nebuloso.
According to Florida Council Director Glenda Griffin, AIS, API, CPIW, DAE, PIAM, a 50-person increase in attendance over last year is expected, bringing the number back to around 200.
Satius dixisset, suspendendum esse Eleemosinarum quaestum, donec Rex Oracxulum suum eo in Negotio prodidisset; non vero ad perdendam piam messem Sacro Regis nomine uti, antequam Regia consuleretur Maiestas.
We conducted field research from February 2006 to December 2008 in 11 locations: Piam, Enggang, Patung, Kedebuk, Senara, Sumpit, Tapah Hill, Engkarit, Baung, Ketutung and Siluk.
The debate competitions among colleges with the collaboration of Piam Foundation would be held at the auditorium of Higher Education Commission and the sports organizations would cooperate the CDA in the Independence celebrations.
In turn, Boleslaw Krzywousty, who fought the Pomeranians and defeated the rebellious city of Bialogard, faced the choice of either punishing the disobedient inhabitants of Bialogard or accepting their entreaties for mercy (III, 2, 6): "The kindness of the Prince spares all and forgives all; he decided that it is more righteous to show kindness and mercy to the defeated than to treat them with strict justice (iustiorem enim censuit piam humanitatis indulgentiam quam districtam iustitiae ultionem).
What Vang refers to is the period during the wedding ceremony, referred to metaphorically as "bull grazing" (txog tus cawv piam thaj lub caij laij nyug), which is a time to recognize the families and extended families of the groom and bride.