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PIANOProfessional Innkeepers Association of New Orleans (Louisiana)
PIANOPrague International Anti Nuclear Office (Prague, Czech Republic)
PIANOPesky Instruments Advances New Operative (Kids Next Door show)
PIANOParaffin, Isoparaffin, Aromatic, Naphthene, or Olefin
PIANOPropulsion Integration of Aero-Control Nozzles
PIANOPhoto-Induced Adequate Nitric Oxide (urology)
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How blithely she sang that evening, and how they all laughed at her because she woke Amy in the night by playing the piano on her face in her sleep.
The Hebrew aide-de-camp in the service of the officer at the table bid against the Hebrew gentleman employed by the elephant purchasers, and a brisk battle ensued over this little piano, the combatants being greatly encouraged by Mr.
She sat perfectly still before the piano, not touching the keys, while Robert carried her message to Edna at the window.
The finest music which Mozart has written for the violin associates that instrument with the piano.
Harling had studied the piano under a good teacher, and somehow she managed to practise every day.
Then he sold his piano, and let the mice live in a bureau-drawer.
The two young ladies were seen seated on the same chair, at the piano, accompanying themselves, each with one hand, a fancy to which they had accustomed themselves, and performed admirably.
Varenka seemed quite unaffected by there being persons present she did not know, and she went directly to the piano.
She looks quickly at him: he does not look at her, but examines the dessert stand on the piano and decides that he will eat an apple].
Oh, yes," he said, seating himself at the piano, "it is a way of eking out one's imperfect life and being three people at once,--to sing and make the piano sing, and hear them both all the while,--or else to sing and paint.
At my request Miss Fairlie placed herself at the piano.
Sometimes I go to the theatre; or else I play the piano in the public parlour.