PIANYProfessional Insurance Agents of New York
PIANYPhotonics Industry Association of New York, Inc.
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PIANY advocates communication between parents and teens as the best form of prevention.
PIANY is a trade association representing professional insurance agencies, brokerages and their employees throughout the state.
Personal computers, fine art, cameras, and jewelry often are thought to be fully covered, but there may be limitations on the amount of insurance and on the types of loss or damage that are covered," explains former PIANY president Shelly Kozel.
PIANY offers the following suggestions to be certain you are insured adequately this holiday season and throughout the year:
There are several steps people can take to keep their homes safe," said PIANY President Lynne Frank, CPCU.
GLENMONT) PIANY advises: Make Sure College-Bound Doesn't Mean No