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PIATPeabody Individual Achievement Test
PIATProjector Infantry Anti-Tank (British)
PIATPennsylvania Initiative on Assistive Technology
PIATPutting It All Together
PIATPromoting Inter Agency Training (NSPCC child protection training forum)
PIATPublic Information Assistance Team
PIATperfect in all tests
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PIAT stands for Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank and it was a monstrosity of a gun to carry.
The European Commission holds the key to reforming the professional football industry more than any internal governance reform process can, by simply applying the law," said Piat.
Piat, who is also president of the French players' union, said: "We - FIFPro - consider them [current transfer regulations] to be contrary to Community law, in that they do not guarantee the free movement of professional footballers within the European Union.
It was like a reemergence of Piat D''Or on the market, a wine made for the British perception of red wine.
Six Victoria Crosses were awarded for PIAT actions in WWII, including our own "Smokey" Smith's.
Units were also handed the PIAT anti-tank weapon to thwart Hitler's Panzers and solid-shot cartridges to replace the buckshot in personal weapons like shotguns.
Aside from the devices--from limpet mines through to the Piat handheld mortar--much of the entertainment in the book is derived from tales of the larger-than-life characters who populated Macrae's daily life.
According to statistics compiled by the PIAT, the top-three producing nations for PTA in the entire Asian region are Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand, meaning the last two nations are Taiwan's largest rivals in exporting PTA.
Relative under-achievers last season, the North defeated the Scarlets 23-8 seven days ago thanks to tries from Will Rose, who was later red-carded, Sean Nicholas, Garrick Legge and replacement scrum-half Lloyd Piat.
great initiative and inspiring leadership, led his Piat (Projectile Infantry Anti-Tank) group of two men across an open field to a position