PICMPorcine Inner Cell Mass
PICMPerformance Improvement and Conduct Management (Australia)
PICMProceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians
PICMProtein Interactions by Cysteine Modification
PICMPensions, Insurance and Capital Management Limited (UK)
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PICM may be hedging its bets against the big networks in the podcasting industry, but Lavoie remains indie at heart.
The Deputy Comptroller for PICM is directly accountable for the areas of corporate governance, equity and fixed income, alternative investments, and real estate, while the Deputy Comptroller for Retirement Services is responsible for accounting, actuarial, administrative services/quality performance, Advisory Council affairs, benefit calculations and disbursement, and a number of other services.
In addition to serving as a model for stem cell differentiation and function, HepaLife's PICM cell line is particularly suitable for assessing the effects of space flight and microgravity and on the ability of the human liver to regenerate, a normal but crucial attribute of the liver.