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PIDPacket Identifier
PIDProject Information Document
PIDProcess Identifier
PIDProportional-Integral-Derivative (controller)
PIDProcess Identification
PIDPublic Improvement District
PIDProcess Identification Number
PIDProject Initiation Document
PIDProportional, Integral, Derivative (process control, programmable logic controllers)
PIDProduct Identification
PIDPhotoionization Detector
PIDProportional-Integral-Derivative Control (Instrumentation process control)
PIDProduct Item Description
PIDProtocol Identification
PIDProgram Identifier
PIDPositive Identification
PIDProportional, Integral, Differential
PIDProject Identification
PIDPrincipal Ideal Domain
PIDPaul Is Dead (Paul McCartney urban legend)
PIDPublic Information Display
PIDPress Information Department (Pakistan)
PIDProtist Image Data
PIDPrimary Immunodeficiency Disease
PIDPlan Identification
PIDPlanned Industrial Development
PIDProject Identification Document
PIDProlapsed Intervertebral Disc
PIDPartido Institucional Democratico (México, politcal party)
PIDProcess Industries Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
PIDPremises Identification (Alberta, Canada Agriculture and Rural Development program)
PIDPlan Identifier
PIDPoisons Information Database
PIDPlan Identification number
PIDPiping & Instrumentation Diagram
PIDProcurement Item Description
PIDPassword Identifier
PIDPersonnel Increment Number
PIDProportional Integrator Differentiator
PIDProtocol Identifier Data
PIDProgrammable Interrupt Device
PIDProcess Identification Document
PIDProcess & Instrumentation Diagram (also seen as P&ID)
PIDProprietary Information Disclosure
PIDPrime Item Development
PIDProcurement Initiation Document
PIDPrimary Input Device
PIDProgram Introduction Document
PIDParadise In Distress (Golden Earring album)
PIDProject Information Database
PIDProcess Instrument Diagram
PIDProcurement Identification Description
PIDProgram Integration Directorate
PIDProgram Implementation Document
PIDPlan Identification Designator
PIDPrecursor Ion Discovery (mass spectrometry)
PIDPortable Inspection Device
PIDProgrammable Interface Device
PIDProgram Implementation Directive
PIDPlanned Imaging Data
PIDPre-flight Inserted Data (US Navy S-3 and P-3 aircraft)
PIDPlant and Instrumentation Drawing
PIDParameter Identification
PIDPast International Director
PIDPelvic Inflammatory Disease
PIDPhoto Ionization Detector
PIDNassau, Bahamas - Paradise Island (Airport Code)
PIDPassenger Information Display (software; transportation industry)
PIDPersonal Identification
PIDPatient Identifier (alphanumeric and bar code)
PIDPartial Initial Decision
PIDPathway Interaction Database (cancer research)
PIDParcel Identification (property registration)
PIDParent Identification
PIDPersonally-Identifiable Data
PIDParticle Identification (Nuclear and Particle Physics)
PIDPatient-Identifiable Data (UK National Health Service)
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The tracking curves of step and Sine signals are shown in Figure 7 and Figure 8 by using the traditional PID and adaptive fuzzy PID control based on the AMEsim/Simulink joint simulation.
genitalium turns out to be associated with PID, it is the single organism that is not covered by current treatment with a cephalosporin, doxycycline, and metronidazole," said Sharon L.
In the illustrative example, the final stability region for PID controller and the third order controlled plant was obtained first using "([k.
PID Market Forecasr i@ 2007 2008 2009 (f) 2010 (f) 2011 (f) Shipment (1000 units) 2,339 3,605 3,667 5,451 7,333 Revenue (US M.
Though there are many methods [11]-[14] to tune PID and PI control for plants, Ziegler Nichols' method [15] still has its importance in tuning the PID controller because of its simplicity.
Reported PID incidence ranges from one per 1000 measured in a US-based study (10) to two per 100 in the month following insertion in several African studies.
Some evidence indicated that the chlamydial organisms are required in order for chronic PID to develop (18), and although information about the use of antimicrobial drugs in chronic stages of PID is limited, they have proven effective in other Chlamydia-triggered autoimmune diseases (19).
Further work by Nowicki's group suggested how PID strains are distinct from ones producing gonorrhea.
Now a new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that screening high-risk women for chlamydia can cut the number of cases of PID by almost 60 percent.
The purpose of this procurement procedure is the procurement of a new PID for CBRN reconnaissance vehicles.
UK withholding tax deducted from a PID is claimable from the UK's