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PIDXPetroleum Industry Data Exchange
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Being able to support the overall mission of OFS Portal and the PIDX standard is a true testament to Coupa being incredibly nimble and flexible to meet the unique needs of an industry," said Roger Goulart, vice president of Alliances of Coupa.
During his presentation, Fullerton will discuss the importance of industry-wide supplier KPI definitions and the role PIDX plays in developing a supplier KPI dictionary to help improve the management of operator-supplier relations within the global oil and gas industry.
For more information on the PIDX International Europe Spring 2012 Conference, please visit http://pidxeurope2012conference.
Pervasive recognizes the additional challenges that exist without standards bodies such as PIDX, and the benefits that the PIDX standard brings to faster and more effective enablement of B2B between trading partners within the Oil & Gas community," said Kambouris.
Their specialized offering for the Oil and Gas industry, the PIDX b2box[R] , is a single-source solution for exchanging business documents such as invoices and field tickets between suppliers and their customers directly or via marketplaces and hubs.
PIDX is the XML business standard of the Oil and Gas Industry
PIDX (Petroleum Industry Data Exchange): XML standard supporting exchanges of business documents in the Oil and Gas industry
Amalto is currently deploying b2een solutions in the Oil and Gas industry allowing transformation of CSV invoices into PIDX format and in the publishing industry allowing transformation of XBITS documents into Ariba cXML format.
Schey re-established the PIDX Business Process Workgroup (BPWG) in 2004 which is responsible for the development of business process guidelines (BPG) governing procure-to-pay activities.