PIFAPhiladelphia International Festival of the Arts (Pennsylvania)
PIFAPlanar Inverted-F (type) Antenna
PIFAPackaging and Industrial Films Association (UK)
PIFAPhilippine Investment Fund Association
PIFAPremier India Football Academy
PIFAPhenyliodine Bis (Trifluoroacetate)
PIFAPittsburgh Institute of Fine Arts (Pennsylvania)
PIFAPortugal-Indonesia Friendship Association
PIFAPractitioner of the Institute for Archaeologists (corporate designation; UK)
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It consists of two pair of antennas, and each pair consists of a PIFA and a coupling antenna, that is, different types of antennas.
To address this situation, the PIFA chair urged the government to help cultivate financial literacy among Filipinos through formal subjects in the educational curriculum.
We don't know whether abstaining from use for 48 hours as Daenen suggests might increase the benefit by reducing PIFA production.
Of the 1140 infants from the PIFA study, 41 were diagnosed as having a food allergy according to DBPCFC.
The simple structure based on aperture coupled patch antenna (ACPA) [28] and PIFA [29, 30] are presented.
In the past, several techniques have been used to improve the bandwidth of PIFA antennas.
Yang, "Varactor loaded tunable printed PIFA," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol.
C show the results of E-field strength for PIFA and Dipole antenna respectively.
Evaluation of specific absorption rate (SAR) reduction for PIFA antenna using meta-materials," Frequent, 64(7-8): 144-149.
The seminar was addressed among others by Excellency Agha Abbas Ali Abdollahi, Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran, Iftikhar Soomro, Chairman PIFA, Mustafa Gokal, member Executive Committee of PIFA, Dr.
The PIFA GPS antenna is an advanced design of the 2.