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PIFFPusan International Film Festival (South Korea)
PIFFProtected Interoperable File Format
PIFFProvincetown International Film Festival (Massachusetts)
PIFFPlymouth Independent Film Festival (Plymouth, MA)
PIFFProject Initiation Feasibility Form
PIFFPublications of the Institute of Federalism Fribourg (Fribourg, Switzerland)
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The PIFF will conduct mobile screenings from March 2-4 of international and local films across the city at six venues and help engage audiences from all walks of life.
The press release said that a special mobile screening programme is also included in which the PIFF teams will show selected films to young audiences at different locations of Karachi.
Zubair said that PIFF would also bring and introduce new cinema to local market and facilitate introduction of Pakistani movies to global viewers.
PIFF opened on October 2 with the screening of Kazak director Rustem Abdrashev's "The Gift to Stalin" and also featured films from non-traditional Asian markets such as Uzbekistan and Jordan.
PIFF shows us that there are many industries, that film producers and eager young audiences can mix, and that both parties can draw fresh inspiration from the meeting.
He also praised a previous similar effort, the Kara Film Festival, but what was special about the PIFF, he said, was the rare constructive collaboration between the government of Sindh and the federal government.
Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan inaugurated the event on January 9, where he mentioned that PIFF would get the status of a 'state film festival'.
With the growing demands for cultural freedom since the mid-1990s in Korea, PIFF successfully settled down and became an event beloved by passionate local audiences.
This year s PIFF -- which is running until October 16 -- features a special "Ani Asia