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PIGRPolymeric Immunoglobulin Receptor (gene)
PIGRPine Grossbeak (bird species common name)
PIGRPenetrating Injuries in the Gluteal Region
PIGRPolska Izba Gospodarcza Rusztowan (Polish: Polish Chamber of Commerce Scaffolding)
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PIGR (polymeric immunoglobulin receptor; Obara, et al, 2003), TRAC (Li, et al, 2009), FCAR (fc fragment of IgA, receptor; Tsuge, et al, 2001), HLA DRA (Akiyama, et al, 2002), IFNG (Masutani, et al, 2003), EDNI (Maixnerova, et al, 2007), FCGR 3B (Xu, et al, 2007), CD14 (monocyte differentiation antigen CD14; Yoon, et al, 2003), TNFa (tumour necrosis factor a; Tuglular, et al, 2003), TGFB1 (transforming growth factor b1, Lim et al, 2005), SELE (E-Eselectin gene; Takashi, et al, 2002), ACE (Draman, et al, 2008), AGT (Bantis, et al, 2004), VEGFA (Chow, et al, 2006) and MUC20 (Li, et al, 2006), are related to the predisposition and progression of IgAN (Hsu, et al, 2000).
They also demonstrated that biopsy specimens from IgAN patients were positively stained by antibody against the secretory component of PIGR.
This contract is for the supply, manufacture, storage as needed, delivery and unloading on site reinforced concrete prefabricated frame and elements about the PIGR du Tertre Payen built under Operation "RD 775 - link Rieux Allaire" in the municipality of Rieux.