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PIK3CGPhosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase, Catalytic, Gamma
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0034 CYP7A1, ACSL3, ACOX3, FABP2, PEPCK, FABP7, PDK1, CPT1 2 SOCS2, LIPE, FOXO1A, PIK3CG, Ko04910 0.
506 PIK3CG Phosphatidylinositol- Generates PIP3; 4,5-bisphosphate involved in immune 3-kinase, catalytic reaction and subunit gamma thrombosis -0.
Microarray analysis of gene expression relative to insulin signaling pathway in the LM in pigs (1) Gene (2) Symbol Gene ID p-value Phosphoinositide-3-kinase catalytic gamma polypeptide PIK3CG 396979 0.