PIMCProfessional Interactive Media Center
PIMCPhoenix Indian Medical Center
PIMCPrimary Industries Ministerial Council (Australia)
PIMCPath-Integral Monte-Carlo
PIMCPhilippine International Mathematics Competition
PIMCProjekt Independent Metal-Compilation
PIMCPediatric & Internal Medicine Center
PIMCPacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
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To calculate the SGA prescription share, we first identify whether each prescribed drug is SGA based on the drug identifier recorded in our PIMC data.
PIMC selects patients who ever had inpatient admissions between 1996 and 2007, and who had the ICD-9 diagnostic codes between 290 and 319 under the supervision of the department of psychiatry; among those patients, PIMC obtains their complete claims (including both inpatient and outpatient use) between January 1997 and December 2010.
Some additional details of the PIMC calculations, especially at low temperatures where spin statistics become important, are discussed in Ref.
For PIMC calculation of the acoustic virial coefficients, it is necessary to derive path-integral expressions for the temperature derivatives of the density virial coefficients.
The same PIMC methodology was used as described in Sec.
En este proceso es abordada la cuestion de la convivencia con el Semiarido, con un enfoque especifico para el uso racional de recursos hidricos, construccion de cisternas, administracion de los recursos publicos y financiera de los recursos derivados del PIMC.
El PIMC pasa a ser Politica Publica del Gobierno Federal, al ser firmado el acuerdo de Pacto No 001/2003 con el Ministerio de Desarrollo Social (MDS).
For temperatures above 2000 K, where our calculated values of C(T) are sparse, a finer grid of semiclassical calculations (which effectively coincide with the PIMC calculations at these temperatures; see Sec.
Semiclassical results are not shown; they lie slightly above the full PIMC results but not enough to be clearly visible on the scale of the figure.
We are exceptionally pleased with the SD-2000 encoder and Sonic's authoring power," said Michel Wellens, Digital Video Division manager at PIMC.
We are delighted that PIMC has selected Sonic DVD technology to replace and expand their DVD production capabilities," said Rolf Hartley, general manager, Professional Products Group at Sonic.