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PIMEPontifical Institute for Foreign Missions
PIMEPetites i Mitjanes Empreses (Catalan: Small and Medium Enterprises)
PIMEPublic Information Materials Exchange (nuclear communicators)
PIMEPontificio Istituto Missione Estere (Italian: Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions)
PIMEPrimary Intrathoracic Malignant Effusion (oncology)
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He was a jolly, good fellow, always full of energy, full of ideas, always trying to do something different," PIME Philippines head Gianni Re told AFP.
He is the third priest of the PIME congregation to be shot dead in the Philippines, according to the website.
In his new position, Mazur, a native of Detroit, is responsible for all PIME activities in the United States and Mexico.
Peter Geremia, also a PIME missionary, who arrived in the Philippines in 1972 and marked his 50th year as a priest two years ago.
Sebastiano D'Ambra, PIME, founder of Silsilah Dialogue Movement.
Tullio Favali of PIME were sentenced to life imprisonment even though their leader, Commander Bukay Manero, was the most famous asset of the military during martial law.
At the end of the book are colored photos of the priests of PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) in mission areas.
I think we have too many Italian saints but I would not mind seeing three more, all of the PIME order--Fathers Tullio Favali, Salvatorre Carzedda and Fausto Tentorio--who served Filipinos in Mindanao for many years, tagged as subversives and killed in cold blood because their solidarity with the poor was deemed dangerous and subversive.
In the July 20, 2007, issue of the PIME newsletter, Santos Digal wrote of Bossi's narration of his ordeal while in captivity: "Speaking alternatively in English and the local dialect, the Italian missionary confirmed that the kidnappers 'treated him well' despite (being moved) constantly to evade military troops.
On April 12, private prosecutors for the Tentorio case, through the Diocese of Kidapawan, and the PIME fathers included the Bagani leader Jan Corbala, also known as "Kumander Iring" and four other Bagani members, in the list of suspects in the new charges that they filed.
en distintos sectores (primario, secundario, terciario y cuaternario), en diversos tipos de empresas (Multinacionales, PIMES y Familiares) e instituciones (Hospitales, Ayuntamientos, Universidades, etc.