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PIMPParty in My Pants
PIMPParty of Important Male Physicians
PIMPPrometheus Internet Mail Program
PIMPPipeline Into Motion Pictures
PIMPPlayer in Management Position
PIMPPlug-In Mini Packager
PIMPPersonal Internet Mail Processor
PIMPPositive Intake Manifold Pressure
PIMPPluribus Interface Message Processor
PIMPProject for Improvement of Management Practices
PIMPPee(ing) In My Pants
PIMPPositive Individual Making Progress
PIMPPirates in Men's Pants (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)
PIMPPipeline Integrity Management Plan (petrochemical industry)
PIMPPut in My Pocket (slang)
PIMPPaper in My Pocket
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On the flip side, Trevor comes face to face with one of Vegas's biggest pimps.
In Street Poison, Gifford patiently crafts a narrative that shows how Beck, a Chicago pimp, became the godfather of hip-hop, an integral cog in Hollywood's Blaxploitation era and one of the most-read black authors of the 20th century.
One of the victims, a 21-year-old, told prosecutors her best friend introduced her to the alleged pimp.
The practice of "branding" is becoming an increasingly popular practice among foreign pimps who are trafficking women into Ireland to work in the lucrative sex industry.
This is somewhat confusing since Coleman's work is widely considered an important preface to any project that undertakes the pimp as an important figure of knowledge production in American culture.
Battery Plus - Maintain & Pimp Your Battery Available For Downloading In The iTunes App Store:
On Monday, authorities rescued 105 of them and arrested 150 pimps and other abusers in a three-day law enforcement sweep in 76 cities.
The duo revealed how they were repeatedly raped, and forced into prostitution by a pimp named Dilfoza, who runs her seedy operation from a rented accommodation in Vasant Kunj.
The number was denounced as a pimp taunt in recent years in the western province of Herat and people became sensitive about the number in their day-to-day life.
episode of this sidesplitting, The second played-straight "dog"umentary saw more hilarious canine Sky 1, Wednesday a jive-talking voice-overs, including law pimp and a camp German with bad wind.
Edinburgh-born Robert plays a pimp called Woody who is followed by documentary cameras as a week in his sleazy life goes from bad to worse.
Royd Tolkien, of Flintshire, plays himself in the film Pimp, starring Danny Dyer.