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PINAPacific Islands News Association (Fiji Islands)
PINAProtein Interaction Network Analysis
PINAPacific Islands News Agency
PINAParaffins, Isoparaffins, Naphthenes, and Aromatics
PINAProfessional Indemnity North America (Insurance: USA & Canada Conditions Clause or Incidental liability)
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They turned me to my side so that I could breath, and then they grabbed me and put me on my back again," said Bravo Pina.
The SEC's complaint charges Alexander, Pina, Swanson, and APS Funding with violating the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws, and also charges Alexander, Swanson, and APS Funding with the unregistered sale of securities.
Only after a while did we realize together with her ensemble, the Tanztheather in the German town of Wuppertal, that we owed it to Pina to do it anyway," the filmmaker explained.
That's why Pina and colleague Jennifer Roeper, also a shareholder at the firm practicing in the international and immigrant practice group, teamed up to provide a seminar for business women on dressing for international travel.
Pina disclosed serving as a speaker for AstraZeneca, Novartis, and Merck, and as a consultant for the Food and Drug Administration.
In other words, the character's actions at this point seem to exceed the boundaries of the work--they push against and break out of the film's representational frame--just as Pina shoves away the Nazi guards and rushes out toward a death that is too swift and senseless to be contained within its narrative vehicle and its technological frame.
The race's theme, "Running in the Footsteps of Legends," isn't only fitting, it's compelling, said Pina, 57, who brought his son, Marco, and daughter-in-law, Pau, with him to run the marathon.
Pina, the author of Bliss (Strivers Row/Villard, 2002), has written a crafty sophomore novel.
The slide-show concept was born in 2000, when the struggling musician on Seattle's open-mic circuit came home to find a projector and a collection of slides that Pina, his wife, had found while running the family dog- walking business.
Rounding out the menu are Freeze Willie, a blend of raspberry and pina colada flavors with ice cream; the Poseidon Punch, a concoction of strawberry and pina colada flavors with pineapple juice; and the Frozen Mango Mojito, a blend of mango mixed with Monin Mojito Syrup.
He said: "I do like to drink lager, but at my games _ I prefer a pina colada with the umbrella sticking out of the glass as my pre-match drink.
Creasy is hired by industrialist Samuel Ramos (Marc Anthony) and his beautiful wife to protect their precocious nine-year-old daughter Pina (Dakota Fanning).