PINSAPrimary Immunodeficiency Network of South Africa
PINSAProceedings of the Indian National Science Academy
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Needing a software investment that would enable every PINSA employee -- from the tuna fleet, processing site to headquarters -- to align with this corporate strategy, PINSA decided to purchase the Oracle E-Business Suite On Demand over a competitive offering from SAP.
We expect the Oracle E-Business Suite will help harness our business growth, giving us enhanced opportunity to better support and manage our strategic plans under a more competitive environment, domestically and globally," said PINSA Project Leader, Jose Rodriguez Cruz.
If your company is not one of those which has pledged financial support to PINSA, NEPIC would urge you to do so since there would be no firm commitment until you are satisfied the academy meets your business needs, but it would clearly reflect further industrial support.
The next phase of PINSA will take up to nine months to complete and will involve preparation of a business plan to define how the academy will operate, bringing together the sector skills councils, industrialists and training providers.
NEPIC gained support for PINSA from regional chemical initiatives Humber and Yorkshire chemical focus, Chemicals North-west and the Sector Skills Council Cogent.
Dolores tuna is canned by PINSA, the largest cannery in Mexico, which has a fleet of purse seine boats that chase and net dolphins to catch the tuna, killing many dolphins in the process.
Dolores brand tuna is canned by PINSA, a canning giant based in Mazatlan on Mexico's Pacific Coast.
Phillips continued: "The PINSA cannery in Mexico buys tuna from the Mexican fleet of dolphin-killing boats, including their own fleet, Pesca Azteca.