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He said that the quality acceptance tiers are functioning at PINSTECH including the Quality Control Group under Incharge Production, Health Physics Laboratories and Quality Assurance Group under DG PINSTECH.
These scientists/ engineers today run PINSTECH, KANUPP and other nuclear centres but majority of these highly qualified and experienced scientists will retire in the coming 5-7 years.
He was the one to have laid foundation of PINSTECH and initiated Karachi Nuclear Power Plant that became functionary in 1972.
Total cost estimated for up gradation and extension of PINSTECH labs (Phase 2) was Rs 1748 million , while expenditure upto June 2011 was Rs 265.
It was acquired from the USA and was to be the main facility of research at PINSTECH.
Making its premier research and teaching institutes, PINSTECH and PIEAS, more accessible to the national and international scientific community, will foster even better traditions of cooperation and scientific endeavour, he added.
For purchase of land and construction of Nilor police station, Director General, Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTECH) has been requested to allot land at PINSTECH for construction of Nilor police station.
He also designed all its mechanical parts, electronic control, computer interfacing and software regarding control and data acquisition and then finally got those fabricated from PINSTECH.