PIPODPioglitazone in Prevention of Diabetes
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PIPODs (Popular Index Portfolio Opportunity Distributions), which represent a significant breakthrough in investment performance evaluation, are offered today for the first time as a desktop application.
PIPODs comprise all of the portfolios that could have been constructed by an investment manager adhering to a specified mandate, such as the S&P 500 or the Russell 1000 Growth.
In contrast to traditional peer group and benchmarking methods of investment manager performance evaluation, PIPODs analyzes managers by calculating all possible manager performance based upon individual benchmark and diversification requirements -- determining every conceivable portfolio combination and then ranking the manager's actual performance.
PIPODs, which until now was only accessible via a download to the user's desktop, is now available exclusively through InvestorForce, providing institutional stakeholders with an addition resource to assist in sound decision making.