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PIPPPercentage of Income Payment Plan
PIPPPollution Incident Prevention Plan (Michigan)
PIPPPriority Investment Portfolio Project
PIPPPartners in Professional Planning
PIPPPairwise Interaction Point Process
PIPPPeople, Integrity, Performance, Professionalism
PIPPProline-Rich Inositol Polyphosphate Phosphatase
PIPPPersonal Information Privacy Policy
PIPPPremature Infant Pain Profile
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There are both benefits and challenges to participating in PIPP (Arling et al.
The causes of death according to the PIPP classification were as follows: perinatal asphyxia 53/60 (88.
The Act also creates an Arrearage Reduction Program (ARP) that allows plan participants to reduce the amount the participant owed for gas and electric service at the time the participant is found to be eligible for PIPP.
For the complex analysis that involves the PIPP, the present section focuses only on the programming stage of the budgetary process or the Programmatic Structures Module (Modulo de Estructuras Programaticas--MEP).
Editorial Note: Preliminary results from PIPP surveillance found that in 1 year 12.
Comparison of the N-PASS to the PIPP for correlation, internal consistency, and construct validity was measured.
Four infants were excluded from the analysis due to incomplete PIPP and Neonatal Acute Physiology (SNAP-II) data.
The PIPP was chosen as the pain measurement tool for this study because it is multidimensional and was developed to account for varying gestational ages (Stevens et al.
SESCo's operating activities included Percent of Income Payment Plan ("PIPP") accounts for FYE06; however the PIPP account contracts expired on March 31, 2006 and were not renewed.
The PIPP account contract expired on March 31, 2006 and is not expected to recur.
In the event of a pandemic or other health related emergency the PIPP stock will be distributed by NHS Supply Chain on the instructions of the Department of Health.