PIQRPersonal Injury and Quantum Reports (insurance; UK)
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49) [2001] PIQR Q160; [2001] EWCA Civ 361 (15 March 2001).
50) See also Doyle v Wallace [1998] PIQR Q146 where it was deemed appropriate to assess on a percentage basis the chance that the claimant might have had a lucrative career as a drama teacher rather than the more prosaic baseline activity of clerical or administrative work.
See also Wattleworth v Goodwood Road Racing Company Ltd and others [2004] EWHC 140 (QBD) (4 February 2004); [2004] PIQR P25 (QBD) where it was held that an experienced racing driver was owed a duty of care both by the motor racing venue where he crashed and died, and bd the sport's national licensing body, although neither had in the circumstances been in breach of that duty.