PISIPine Siskin (bird species)
PISIPort-Injection Spark-Ignition (engine)
PISIPalpap Ichinichi Software International (India)
PISIPalmar Intercalated Segment Instability (hand ligaments)
PISIPrudentialife Information Systems, Inc. (Makati, Philippines)
PISIPrognostic Index of Surgical Infections (gastroenterology)
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We write to raise our concern over the recent development in our domestic steel industry whereby obsolete induction furnace facilities are being moved from China to the Philippines to produce construction grade steel products," PISI said in a letter signed by the group's president Roberto M.
PISI explained that the main drawback of induction furnace facilities is the absence of a refining process to remove the harmful elements in the liquid steel, resulting in the inconsistent quality of construction grade steel products manufactured from these facilities.
The questionable quality poses a major safety hazard given that most of these products are reinforcing steel bars used in construction of buildings and infrastructures," said PISI.
These contributions are in addition to the existing monthly contributions due to the PISI in respect of old age, disability, sickness and death insurance (currently 15 per cent of monthly remuneration basic and complementary) and in respect of the Retirement Pensions Increment Fund (currently 3.
On termination of employment of a Kuwaiti national, employers must notify the PISI.
In assessing the integrity of buildings and structures, PISI said that it focused on the quality of construction material since this was either produced by member companies or imported by traders covered by the PNS Mandatory Standards.
PISI Ltd has created this application 2013 that intents to help undertake the problem of insecurity in Nigeria, developing countries and the rest of the wprld.
Cutoms deputy commissioner Jessie Dellosa stopped the release of the shipment based on what they believed were patent falsities peddled by PISI.
Mannage Resources is also challenging the warrant of seizure and detention which PISI has asked BOC to issue for the shipment that has been languishing at the Subic Bay port since late April.
PISI said it also learned that local importers had already placed several orders of cheaply priced steel from China, which would be shipped in by the end of the year.
FIVE KEY DUELS V ASHLEY BECK GEORGE PISI V DAN BIGGAR TUSI PISI V MIKE PHILLIPS KAHN FOTUALI'I CENSUS JOHNSON MAURIE FA'ASAVALU A BIG chance for Beck to make his mark but Pisi is emerging as one of the best centres in the Aviva Premiership with Northampton having also played Super rugby for the Auckland Blues and for Clermont in the Top 14.