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PISOParallel In, Serial Out
PISOPhilippine Internet Services Organization
PISOParallel Input Serial Output
PISOPacific Islands Support Office (US NPS; Honolulu, HI)
PISOPressure-Implicit Split-Operator (computational fluid dynamics)
PISOProcess Improvement for Strategic Objectives (University of Sunderland)
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Class 1 -- Clear Round 60/70cm: Bella Rushton Mylo Imogen Nell Bling Jamiela Haseid Nafa Ward Mohammed Piso Virginie Dreyer Athos Aimee Keen Yatzy.
There is no maintaining prepaid load balance required to access Piso Mall and no additional data charges are applied when browsing through videos.
Imediatamente a Folha Online noticiou: "STF garante entrada em vigor do piso nacional de professores em janeiro".
Sexto Piso, which exports to Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela and Central America, started out publishing 18 titles in Spain, including Franz Kafka and Milorad Pavic, and hopes to add another 18 books to its list by 2007.
A source close to Operation Piso told the Sunday Mercury last week that the cleared officers were planning to take legal action against West Mercia.
Vehrs, VP of Exploration, commented, "The exploration results in the Ramal Piso Carolina Vein are very significant for the Caylloma District.
As well as speeding up admission for hip patients, PISO is being used to improve referrals from A&E, pharmacy dispensing and other areas.
Desde su oficina en el segundo piso de una mansion de madera, con vista al puerto, el alcalde de Corral, Gaston Perez, elogia las corrientes marinas, pero reconoce que devastaron su pueblo.
Aruro Prat NA 305 piso 2 edificio Servicios PE[bar]blicos,
28 de Julio # 873 - 3er piso, Miraflores - Lima, Peru, Tel: + 511 - 242-2975.
Estadio Municipal Excelsior N[ordinal indicator, masculine] 201, 2do Piso.