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PISSpin-index safety system
PISSPassive Ignorance Silence Strike
PISSPhoenix Islands Settlement Scheme (a British scheme to ease overpopulation in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands)
PISSPut in Some Sugar
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PISS has been able to make up for these losses in view of its surefootedness
Those rich people piss me off, driving around in their big cars with their Bush stickers.
They stab, shoot, whip, and piss all over each other while bodily staking claim to whatever urdomain they happen to occupy: hills, rectangular planes, and off-center, meteorlike chunks of terra incognita.
Also engaging is Eno's candor: one night, he lets us know, "I pissed into an empty wine bottle so I could continue watching Monty Python, and suddenly thought 'I've never tasted my own piss,' so I drank a little.
Most people hate the French at this point because, as a country, they were smart enough to oppose going to war in Iraq, so since I am not most people, and since I can't stand most people and would love to look for a way to piss people off, I am going to embrace everything French.
But later that day it was my fangs in her jugular while trying to help her with her damn lesbian piss tape while she raved and yammered and drove me nuts.
KUWAIT, Oct 19 (KUNA) -- Justice Salah Hussein, in charge of the Public Institution for Social Security (PISS) fraud case, has denied reports that Swiss judicial authorities have enforced reserve seizure on assets of the former general director of the PISS Fahad Al-Rajaan.
Noises that piss me off Not all annoying noises were created equal.
My fondest LOVE park memories are probably of that second contest, whatever year that was, when all the T-dog dudes would come through to watch and John Puca and Forty were shooting piss on everybody.
Piss & Vinegar - British slang for living young at heart - is designed for the bold guy who appreciates what life has to offer and works hard to live it to its fullest.