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PISTOLPaperless Information System Totally On-Line (St. Petersburg Florida Police Department)
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At six o'clock that evening, when several men were passing the Cutter house on their way home to supper, they heard a pistol shot.
Forgetful of everything but the impulses of his hot blood, Duncan leveled his pistol and fired.
Ye see ye get jist as much for him dead as alive in Kentucky," he said coolly, as he wiped his pistol on his coat-sleeve.
He fished out of his vest pocket a couple of little things which I carried to the light and ascertained to be pistols.
I took out when the pistols went off, and I didn't stop for three mile.
He snatched the pistol back, jealously; shut the knife, and returned it to its concealment.
Whether Miss Havisham, preferring to take personal vengeance for an outrage done to her house, might rise in those grave-clothes of hers, draw a pistol, and shoot me dead?
Hence--" Here Trefusis opened a drawer, took out a pistol, and fired at the Hebe in the farthest niche.
All they would do was to give me a loaded pistol lest we were attacked, and to promise to have horses ready saddled in case we were pursued on our return, while one lad was to ride forward to the doctor's in search of armed assistance.
You had better go home and put that pistol away, or you may get into trouble," said Dorian, turning on his heel and going slowly down the street.
Well, I hoped to get an exchange of arms, -- to substitute the sword for the pistol; the pistol is blind.
Porthos understood him and he and the lieutenant each drew with the left hand a pistol from their bolsters and cocked it in their turn.